Are You Ready to Get Your Book Out of Your Head, Onto the Page and Into the World?
I’ll Show You How to Write, Edit and Monetize Your Book So You Can Elevate Your Career, Increase Your Income and Experience a Wealth of New Possibilities.

You know you want to write your book.
You’ve got a message to share, a story to tell…
One that has the power to help, encourage and inspire so many people.
You’ve been thinking about it, tossing around ideas… maybe even jotting down a few notes or making an outline.
Perhaps you’ve even imagined what the cover might look like.

Meet Latashia
Hi, my name is Latashia Holmes, and as a book writing coach and Founder of The Blue Print -  A Self Publishing Masterclass, I’ve taught hundreds of aspiring authors who faced the same doubts, obstacles and tight schedules you face now.
And the good news is, the committed authors not only went on to finish their books, they got their books published and leveraged their books into a multitude of new career opportunities. From big promotions to making 6-figures self publishing, 
to invitations to travel and speak to audiences all 
over, to gaining access to top-level experts, to 
launching a whole new career. 

But, they didn’t do it alone.
These authors got the support, guidance and expertise they needed to get their book written, get it done right… and enjoy the journey, every step of the way.
Now, you can, too.

Invite Latashia Holmes to speak at your next event, conference or retreat. She has worked successfully with small and large groups of people, including women’s organizations, nonprofits, businesses, associations, foundations, young professionals groups, fellowship programs, universities and civic groups.

Latashia has spoken at many events, while sharing her expertise on how to publish a book, business success, inspiring people to overcome adversities and much more.

When you book Latashia, your group will not only be motivated to improve their financial lives, but they will also leave equipped with new information that they can use right away. She is committed to serving your audience and helping to make sure that your organization looks good in the process. 

To book Latashia to speak at your next event, please use the Book Latashia To Speak" (button).

Latashia is a speaker, author, and teacher of fun and engaging financial education.
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