Hey Queens,
Are you fed up with:
•Thirsting for the approval of others?
•Struggling with low self-esteem?
•Giving away your power?
•Playing the blame game?
•Hosting pity parties for one?
I was too, but a mental breakdown at age 18 pushed me into my purpose and empowered me to teach others how to shine in the face of adversity. We've all been whipped by life. Women call on me to kill off their inner-critic and shift their mindset from tragedy to triumph. Schedule your consultation today to findout how I can do the same for you.
Peace & blessings,
Meet Faye
As a survivor of bipolar disorder, author Faye Thompson once forgot how fabulous she truly was, and still is. But now, as founder of Don’t Sit on Your Fabulous™, Faye has mastered the art of driving women with similar testimonies from tragedy to triumph. Known for her unique style of Faye-isms and motivational merchandise, Faye picked up her pen of inspiration and began drafting her first book while in the third grade. As an adolescent, Faye created her first vision board and structured her life in an attempt to make every dream come true even in the midst of battling heartache and depression. As a result of her determination, Faye turned her pain into her passion and eventually launched the Book Birther, a book writing program for women eager to heal by pouring their testimonies out on the page. A prolific speaker, this Ohio State University alum proves that delayed destinies are “not really” derailed, as her journey to graduate summa cum laude took over 20 years to manifest. Through every trial and tribulation, she leaned on her mantra: “When life knocks you down, get back up. Don’t sit on your fabulous. Celebrate you and the God in you.” Words this goal-getter lives by as she tours the country armed with messages of restoration, such as “Life Beyond Bipolar,” “From Fearful to Fabulous,” “Celebrating the God in You” and “Faith It – You’re Fabulous!” Faye’s faith in herself has led to a long list of accomplishments including graduating from York College/CUNY summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, co-authoring #1 Amazon bestselling book, Open Your G.I.F.T.S., presented by Kim Coles, and penning several eBooks and articles featured in Black Enterprise and Black Expressions Magazine. She has also received a variety of awards and recognitions including the National Action Network’s Certificate of Appreciation, a citation for Outstanding Service to the Community and State from New York State Senator Leroy Comrie, a Certificate of Award from Letitia James, Public Advocate, and has been highlighted as an honoree at the Celebration of Southeast Queens Authors. In addition, Faye has appeared as a featured guest on Karen Taylor Bass’s BlogTalk radio show and Toya Beasley’s 103.9FM NY Inspire You show and as a panelist for the Faith Love & You (FLY) Women's Empowerment Summit. A mental breakdown at age 18 pushed Faye into her purpose. Rather than take this as the “knock-down, stay-down” punch it could have been, she took this as a blessing, empowering herself to teach others how to shine in the face of adversity. To experience Faye’s fabulousness for yourself, click here:
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Learn How To Overcome
•Thirsting for the approval of others
•Struggling with low self-esteem
•Giving away your power
•Playing the blame game
•Hosting pity parties for one
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