I Used Cheap $30 Products From Amazon & The Local Beauty Supply Store.
Products to Help You Solve Your Non Surgical Hair Replacement Problems
*Eliminate Front Hair Line Lifting 
*Prevents Itchy Scalp-Sweaty/Smelly Unit 
*Non Water Resistant
*Cheap $30 Diluted Products
  • Max Bond​- Adhesive Prevents Unit From Lifting At Front Forehead
  • No More​- Sweaty, Smelly, Itchy Scalp
  • Proven Water Resistant- Tested (Watch Video Below)
  • And So Much More...

Max Bond Adhesive (Sweat & Water Proof)

No Cheap Fillers or Additives
For Professional Use Only
Super Strong Adhesive 
Drys Clear-Bonds Strong
For Heavy Sweaters
For Longer Lasting Units
Drys Quickly
Easy To Remove With ManWeaveUnit-Remover

Itch, Sweat and Smell Free Medial Grade Solution

No Cheap Additives or Fillers
For Men & Women That Exercise
For Heavy Sweaters
Oily Skin
Hot Humid Weather
No More Itchy, Sweaty, Stinky Scalp

Easy Adhesive Remover

No Cheap Additives or Fillers
Easily Removes Residue and Glue  
Removes Tape Ins
No Hassle and Pleasant Smell
No Burning and No Hair Loss
Before Clients Switched To Man Weave Unit Products, They Experienced: 
  • Unit lifted at their front hair line
  • Scalp Itching like crazy
  • Unit smelling like a skunk
  • Low self esteem around women
  • Scared the Unit may come off
  • Scared women may notice the Unit
  • And So Much More...
I've Tested Every Product On The Market! ManWeaveUnit Products Are The Real Deal!
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