Want To Attend Razor Chic's Hair Loss Tour In Your City?
  •  Stylist Will Learn (Hair Analysis, Cutting, Chemical Application, Styling and...)
  •  Shadow Razor Chic For A 5 Hour In Depth Make Over Class
  • Consumers, BOOK Your Once In A Lifetime Hair Appointment With Razor Chic
What is The Razor Chic Hair Loss Tour?
It is NOT just another class for stylists in the beauty industry.
It is NOT your typical look and learn class.
It is NOT just another class for stylist to learn something that they already know- this is a money maker, client pleaser and security blanket for stylists. 
Step 1
Enroll if this is you...

1st- You've graduated from hair school
2nd- You've received your license
3rd- You've worked hard
4th- You've invested in classes
5th- You've tried to figure it different techniques
6th- You've watched YouTube Videos
....BUT you have NOT gotten the results
 Want To Attend Razor Chic's Hair Loss Tour In Your City?!
Technique Is Everything
-Razor Chic 
"Razor Chic Transformation"
- Razor Chic Silk 
"Razor Chic Transformation"
- Razor Chic 
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"I'm Coming To Your City"